What to do with an abandoned dog?

It is not uncommon to come across adorable lost or abandoned dogs in the city. Your responsibility with such an animal is to take actions that will help it return to a comfortable life. If you're not sure what to do about it, don't worry because this article will tell you all about it.

What to do if the pet has a tag?

Owners often put collars around their pets' necks to make it easier to find them if they are lost. If, the dog you found has a tag, then you are well on your way to finding its owners. Get close to the animal, then read the information on the tag. You will probably notice the owner's phone number. Call this number and, with any luck, they may answer or call you back. It is possible that you are looking at a modern necklace. In this case, you will have to use your phone to scan the QR code present on the tag to get the dog owner's information. Give him a call to inform him of the good news, and he will surely be delighted. Check out this recommended reading to learn more about stray or abandoned dogs.

What to do if the pet is without a tag

When you find a dog alone, wandering and without a tag, the first instinct is to keep the animal company for a while. It is possible that it is not an abandoned chine, but that its owner has gone shopping. If the owner does not return after a certain period of time, take the animal to the veterinarian. There, the professional will check the identification chip to obtain the information on the owner. As an alternative to the previous action, leave a statement at the nearest police station. If the owner has already been there to report the loss of his pet, it will be easier to contact him.

What to do if the pet does not have an identification chip

If the pet does not have an identification chip or collar, you will have difficulty finding the owner. In such a situation, it is the collection services and shelters that will have to take over. As a priority, drop the animal off at a shelter so that it can find a comfortable life. If you already feel a bond with the adorable poodle, then take him into your home for a while. If you still don't see any sign of the owner's life, you should think about the possibility of adopting the animal.