What games to play during a wedding?

A wedding is one of life's happy events. It is therefore important that the atmosphere is pleasant. In this article, you will discover some games to play during a wedding.

The garter game 

The garter game is one of the most common games played during a wedding celebration. You can go to these guys to find out what the wedding garter is. This game appeared in medieval times and was imposed on new brides during their wedding celebration. It consists of an auction in which the men pay for the bride to raise her dress and the women pay for her to lower it. After a few minutes, the man who has bid the most is allowed to remove the underwear. This game can be revisited to suit your taste.


The Cinderella Game 

The Cinderella game is designed to create goog atmosphere and build new relationships. It follows the opening of the ball by the bride and groom. It is important to have the same number of male and female players to form couples. The women place their shoes in the centre of the dance floor, and the men take turns choosing a shoe without knowing the owner. Dance pairs are then formed to dance for a few minutes to a set list of songs.

The Elle & Lui Game

The She & Him game is a very interesting game. It is most interesting when the couple know each other well. The bride and groom sit back to back and are given a sign with the words she (for the woman) and he (for the man). They are questioned in turn by their guests, who are free to ask them any questions they wish to know the answer to. All in all, you can avoid excesses by writing down in advance the questions that can be asked.

These few games can be organised to add to the atmosphere of your wedding.