What are the techniques to woo a woman on Snapchat

On Snapchat, you get photos and videos that self-destruct after a few seconds. Here, it is about identifying a woman to seduce among the multitude that is offered to you. Of course, we meet a lot of women of all categories who make very suggestive posts of them. If you want to embark on the adventure of flirting with a sexy girl of your choice, here are some techniques to succeed in your mission.

Resort to the selfie technique

Unlike other dating sites, on Snapchat, you have the option to send multimedia content that will fade away moments later. Thus, you will not fear that they will end up on social networks tarnishing your image. It is advisable to add small funny comments on your photo. The idea is to attract the attention of your target by placing humorous messages that force them to respond. In addition, you could use emoticons to liven things up, but try to remain recognizable in the photo, especially when you don't know your target and it's your first time writing to them. For more information, try this out. Show that you have a unique life by not being a cad who says "do you want to have sex with me? No, show that you have finesse and valuable characteristics. For example, you can make your photo in a unique place that reveals your originality and your seduction trait. It is also advisable to make a view with your pet or behind a piece of art that you particularly adore.

Focus your messages on your target's interests and use the mass spamming technique

To personalize your message, check your partner's Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat wall for their interests to identify the same hobbies as you. For example, if your target likes kittens, get your picture taken with your neighbor's cat just to get their attention. It's more persuasive. In addition, the advantage of personalizing your message is that it shows your recipient that you have taken the time to find out about her by not doing what others do who send boatloads of messages that do not meet any contextualization criteria. Finally, the technique of mass spamming requires that you send group messages to several good women. Because there are many men who hang on to women and a woman can have hundreds of correspondents and to distinguish yourself among the lot, try to send the same message to several women of your choice. Be careful that it does not look like a message to a multitude but try to personalize the messages by contextualizing them.