What are the steps of a wedding celebration?

Marriage is an act of dignity, respect, and the union that almost every couple would like to experience. Indeed, every wedding celebration follows a standard plan. However, this may vary depending on each couple. Nevertheless, the standard plan is always followed by all the officiants at the head of the celebration.

The first steps of the wedding celebration

The procession

The procession is the unfolding of all wedding celebrations. It begins with the manifestations of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They are paired and followed by the witnesses. The other steps consist of the following. The bride is then led by her father while the groom is still waiting at the altar.

The Opening Remarks

The opening remarks consist of the officiant welcoming the bride and groom. Then the officiant gives a summary of what is behind the word wedding. Afterward, the couple is allowed to tell a moving story.

The readings

The reading stage consists of inviting one or more person(s) authorized to read to share readings. These readings can be about the region, spirituality, or love.

The exchange of vows

In the exchange of vows, each spouse is free to express their wishes for the couple. For this purpose, the vows can be written in advance by the lovers themselves.

The ring exchange

At this point, the officiant invites the ring bearer to present the rings. The ring is then placed on the left hand of each partner. The left hand is preferred because it is closer to the heart.

The continuation and completion of the wedding celebration

The second part of the wedding celebration is the declaration of marriage. The officiant declares the two lovers husband and wife. This is followed by kissing. The kissing stage is the most anticipated of all. After the order, the two lovers kiss. It is an unforgettable moment in which one keeps traces. The list of steps is far from being at its end. But the essential is there. However, a well-planned wedding is always unforgettable.