What are the advantages of timelapse for the follow-up of a construction site ?

The follow-up of a construction site is a crucial step that can be put forward thanks to a timelapse solution. This would allow a complete visual follow-up of the construction work via networked camera systems. It is a visual and technical solution that brings many benefits to people involved in construction projects. Learn more about the benefits of timelapse in this article.

"Live" HDR images of the construction site

With our timelapse camera system installed on your construction site , high definition images are captured at regular time intervals. You will have access to immediate updates via a private online server or other. This allows you to obtain a timelapse of high quality construction site. In addition, the 2 lenses of the box guarantee a field of view of 220 ° and thus to follow almost the entire site. As the images are displayed in your dedicated space on the server, you will be able to have an overview of the construction site from a distance. This is also particularly useful, especially when access to the site is difficult.

Updated timelapse archive

Each photo is sent, from the camera system through a 4G connection, to our private online server. These individual images then feed into a timelapse archive that evolves with your project. The shots are sorted by time, date and year, so it's quick and easy to isolate specific moments. This can be a great way to identify progress or simply to check back on a delivery or other forms of activity on the job site. Images can also be downloaded from the server, in batches or individually, to be kept as a permanent record of the project.

Accessible anywhere

Your private live access to camera images also helps solve practical problems. Viewing apps on other devices allow you to keep an eye on the site when you can't physically get there. In addition to viewing images on a desktop computer, private access to our server can be accessed from laptops, smartphones, iPads and other tablets with customized login credentials.