Three advantages of intranet for a company

A unique computer network unique to a company, the intranet is made up of pages and applications. It is an internal website that brings together multiple features and knows how to evolve with the trends. The intranet is not dead! Today we are talking about a Corporate Social Network or a collaborative tool.

Improved productivity and employee engagement

Thanks to its community functions, the intranet promotes sharing and communication. It is the internal social network of your company with the possibility of providing:
- edit and share documents, forms (request for leave, etc.),
- share various information (company directory, etc.),
- provide an agenda, a calendar or an attendance / absence schedule,
- manage project management. When travel and expense management software, the solution is nothing but intranet.
It is also a very useful collaborative tool when the employees of a company are deployed on several sites.

A tailor-made design in your image

The tailor-made intranet can be personalized and adapted to your needs. On the same principle as a tailor-made management software, it benefits from a clear and intuitive interface and centralizes the functionalities you need and only those you need! The intranet also integrates into your existing IT environment.
As intranet improve the image of your company, be sure it will improve your financial situation or profit.

A tool available and accessible everywhere

Last advantage and not the least: its accessibility! Hosted on a server, the intranet is available anytime, anywhere. No installation required on a computer!
The intranet isn't just for large companies. It is the ideal tool to promote internal communication, information sharing and collaboration between employees.
The digital revolution also concerns intranet to make powerful companies and help our countries prosper. Without this we can loose our target. Intranet is as important as internet.