MyCVSHR: the ideal communication tool for CVS employees

CVS is a commercial group active in the fields of pharmacy and health. In order to strengthen the link between decision-makers and employees, the group has developed a very effective tool. This is the MyCVSHR platform. From now on, everyone who works at CVS must be registered on this platform. Find out more about the advantages of this platform and the registration process here. 

What do I need to know about MyCVSHR?

MyCVSHR is a well-established platform for communication between CVS employees. Whether it is pharmaceutical or health news or the daily life of the employees within the group; you can see this on the platform. This powerful tool takes care of informing the daily productivity that is expected from the employees of the CVS group. The special feature of the MyCVSHR platform is that it saves employees time and makes them very efficient in their work within the group.

What are the advantages of the MyCVSHR platform?

All CVS Group staff can get the most out of the MyCVSHR tool. By being a means of communication within the group, MyCVSHR ensures that each employee's day has been productive. Apart from that, it is also a management tool for employees. Employees can easily find certain information about their working lives. This includes information on salary payments, 401K savings plan; tax details and many others. This allows them to better manage their daily lives within the group.

How does one register with MyCVSHR?

Enrollment begins with opening the browser on your smartphone or computer. Enter the link in the browser. Once on this link, type "New user" in the search bar and confirm. You will then be taken to the registration form. Then you have to fill in the registration form correctly. After that, you can simply submit the form. This will validate your registration. However, you must first fill in a 4-digit code, which will give you a username and a password that you will choose.