How to avoid the loss of letters in mailboxes?

The disappearance of letters from the mailbox is a social problem that must be stopped. To do this, it must be possible to secure the place where it is located with a system or a lock. So how do you go about securing the mailbox better?

Choose a key or block code

Older types of mailboxes are made to allow its use with universal keys. This makes the box vulnerable and accessible to anyone. However, using a lock is simple and easy to adapt for a mailbox. Thus, with the latter you had to secure it and avoid personal information being vilified by malicious people. Indeed, to better secure the mailbox, you have to look at the type of box. Because not all cases are suitable for the use of a lock. Therefore, if the box is suitable for a padlock, a medium size should be chosen for strength. In addition, the use of a code lock also helps to secure the mailbox since the code is personal. Therefore, with a code lock, you are sure to be the only person who knows the password and has the key. You should also remember to write down the code in a notepad in case you forget.

Opt for a system of connected devices

With the evolution of technology, a connected security system can be installed around the mailbox. This includes an alarm and video surveillance that reports every breach. Indeed, by connecting the installed device through a mobile application connected to the smartphone, the box can be monitored. This installed device signals immediately when the box is broken into. This makes it possible to monitor the box from near and far and to follow the delivery of the mail. In summary, choosing a key or block code and opting for a connected device system are the strategies for securing your mailbox.