Ecological tourism: you are connected with nature

Through travel, you get to know new cultures, customs and learn to develop new languages. In an era marked by an increase in our concern for the environment, there is a leading tourism modality. We are talking about ecotourism - also known as ecotourism.

What Is Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a practice that values the good use of environments dominated by nature. This means that it is a tourist modality dedicated, above all, to the preservation of the spaces frequented by people. For this reason, there is an incentive to the emergence of a kind of environmental awareness. It is as if you learn to interpret the environment in which you are inserted, aware of the bases that support the very existence of this space.

Activities to do in ecotourism

As you can imagine, ecological tourism contains a wide range of attractive activities. Let's focus on a few.

Trekking First of All

For those who love to walk, there is nothing more appropriate than doing this activity in a privileged place. Trekking is a unique hike, as it puts you in direct contact with the environment of a given region. Trekkers breathe the local air. In environments with many trees, they can almost smell the refreshing and different aroma of the oxygen supply. In more rustic areas, the mostly dry climate also offers a unique experience.

Camp the Second Activity

The main purpose of camps is to provide temporary accommodation for all those travelling. In a strategically chosen location. Camping tents can promote a special contact with the surrounding environment. At this point you should note that there are different ways of camping, as the infrastructure offered is not always the same.

Cycling, the Third

Another way to fully experience ecotourism is by cycling. Cycling is one of the fastest growing activities in the world, with cycle paths offering many benefits.
One is the ability to travel longer distances. As well as saving your body's energy, you have the opportunity to discover other parts of the region.