Affiliate marketing: how to learn it with Facebook ads ?

With so many people having an account on Facebook these days, it has become a very juicy platform for many businesses. This is the case with affiliate marketing, which allows you to earn a lot of money from Facebook ads. Read the following lines of this article to find out more about it. 

What is affiliate marketing and what is it for ?

Affiliate marketing is a way for publishers to earn money by using featured links on their sites, which are mostly blogs of a susceptible size. If you need another explanation, read this on this site. Speaking of what it's for, affiliate marketing allows the advertiser or producer of a product to gain customers without any risk of losing money. He will simply pay a commission to the publisher on the customer's shopping cart. In fact, this is a technique that has proven successful with several sites such as Amazon, Ali express and others. Note that all parties are winners with affiliate marketing except Amazon which has its own program. 

Steps to learn affiliate marketing with Facebook ads

The very first step in learning affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads is to create a Facebook page or group. In fact, you should create a standard business page or group instead of using your personal account. Once this is done, you then need to engage with the audience of your group or promotional page. Since many people skip the ads on Facebook, to establish your successful Facebook affiliate marketing, aim to be an authority in your niche. By doing this, potential customers will be more open to viewing your ads. However, stick to the 80/20 rule and publish 80% content and 20% ads. Finally, use Facebook ads. Finally, note that when you want to advertise with Facebook, please respect the terms of use. Otherwise Facebook may block your account.