3 reasons why you should choose WordPress to build your website

So, you've made your decision. You will use WordPress to create your own website. By choosing WordPress you are choosing an ever-growing solution. It can be easier to set up and manage your website, while offering more possibilities, flexible and highly customizable.

WordPress is customizable

Not only are there tens of thousands of themes available for WordPress (a theme is sort of the graphic skin of a site) but it's easy to adapt them for customization or create specific ones to meet a particular demand. With WordPress your site can be very easily unique. Even if it responds to fashion or style effects, it can easily stand out and not look like the competitor's!

WordPress is adaptable and flexible

WordPress can be used in almost any case and it can adapt to any type of website to be built. Thanks to its plugins (which exist by the thousands) and thanks to the ease of developing particular solutions, it is possible with WordPress to respond favorably to any specifications.

You can create a website without touching any line of code

WordPress was launched in 2003 and is the benchmark for blogs, especially since it was originally designed for this purpose. However, to limit it solely to this trait is to escape most. At the same time, it has been developed to meet new demands. Nowadays, you can use WordPress for all sorts of projects: display sites, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc. 

Even if you are starting from scratch, you can use it for any operation. Whether you're a beginning blogger, an ambitious entrepreneur, an artist looking for recognition, a small to medium-sized business expanding online, or a student looking to develop your own skills, you're going to love what follows. Before we begin, I want to draw your attention to one important aspect. There are two versions of WordPress. One is WordPress.org, also known as a self-hosted solution. This is the one used by WPMarmite. The other is called WordPress.com. This is a hosting platform.