New generation of Samsung TVs

Samsung is introducing a new generation of TVs, with more technology and innovation. The South Korean brand launched the Neo QLed, Micro-Led and Lifestyle lines at the 9th edition of First Look, an event promoted by the company. Find out here some features of its new technologies.

Samsung Micro-LED

Samsung presented at the 9th edition of First Look 2021, an event promoted by the brand, the new generation of TV screens for the Neo QLed, MicroLed and Lifestyle lines. The idea of the devices is, each time, to become a more active and decorative objective of the environment.

Neo QLed

The Neo QLed technology is a step above the traditional Qled, as it uses the Quantum Mini Led processor, developed by the brand itself, where there are micro layers that allow the light to disperse with more quality. This makes the darker areas even darker and the lighter ones lighter. The South Korean is already introducing this new technology in the most advanced models with 8K and 4K resolution. As for the design, the 2021 Neo QLed models got an almost bezel-less screen, offering an even greater immersive experience in the scene, in addition to making the device more elegant and slimmer. There are still audio features, with sound in motion technology.


The MicroLed line promises to leave users breathless with the quality and size of the images. Initially available only in 110-inch and 99-inch sizes, the new generation of TVs use LED lights from a micrometer. This removes conventional filters from the images, making the viewing experience even more realistic. Another highlight of this line is the ability to view up to four different screens simultaneously, using the Quad View feature.


The Lifestyle line has gained prominence in recent years mainly thanks to The Frame model, which takes on a new role: complementing interior design, exhibiting paintings, photographs and monuments by renowned artists and professionals from around the world. The new version promises even more customisable experiences for the user. Now more compact, it is almost half the thickness of previous models, according to Samsung. Thus, Samsung is one of best mark in technologies, you can try and surely give testimonies.

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