How to successfully buy a second hand vintage bag?

After many hours of searching, you have found a luxury vintage style bag. The aesthetics of the accessory may make you want to go straight to the purchase, but you need to reassure yourself that you are getting a good deal. In this article, we give you our tips for successfully buying a second-hand vintage bag.

The main things to consider when buying a used vintage bag

Once you have unearthed the rare pearl, the first element that should catch your attention is the security of the transaction you are about to make. Make sure that the site checks the conformity of the products before putting them up for sale on their platform. In the absence of this control process, make sure that the site waits for confirmation of your satisfaction before releasing the funds to the seller's profile. If you dread getting these criteria wrong, then, use the platform for your safe shopping. Once the doubts about the site are cleared, you should ask the seller relevant questions about the item. Ask for as many photos as possible to see the bag from all angles and if possible to spot any modifications. If you notice any signs of damage, you should call in a professional to evaluate the cost of a probable repair.

Knowing how to distinguish an authentic luxury vintage bag from a copy

In the world of second-hand items, we are often confronted with counterfeit items. To avoid becoming a victim of crooked sellers, be wary of overly tempting offers. When you come across an undervalued luxury vintage bag, your first instinct should be to call in an expert to evaluate its authenticity. This is even more important if you have no idea of the criteria for detecting counterfeit items. If you have found the item on a website, make sure that it goes through a thorough check before shipping.