Green certificate in the European Union

Many countries consider the creation of a kind of health passport essential for the reopening of tourism next summer. The idea is that this vaccination certificate will allow European citizens who have been immunised against covid-19 with vaccines authorised by the European Medicines Agency to move freely within the European Union.

Digital green certificate: its specifics

Despite the name given to this document, published information indicates that it will not be exclusively digital. The passport will be issued both digitally and on paper and, in either format, it will contain a barcode that will allow authorities in any EU country to verify its authenticity, validity and integrity. Obtaining this certificate will be entirely free of charge and will be much more than the popular name, you received and which you only link to vaccines. Because, according to the EU authorities' project, there are three specific types of certificates: vaccination, test result and passing the covid-19. However, the one that grants the most privileges will be that of vaccination, which will include the specific vaccine received, the date of administration and the place where it was performed.

"Certificates of immunity" have become the hope of getting out of quarantine quickly: this is what we know

The advantages for holders of this type of European health passport for the corona virus pandemic are therefore to be able to avoid certain procedures such as performing and presenting specific tests when entering a third country. Once the health crisis has passed, its validity would end as it would no longer have any meaning. The data contained in the digital green certificate will be both in English and in the official language of the issuing country. In addition to the specific certificates mentioned, the holder's personal data and any other documentation. For the time being, it is not yet known how it can be requested if the requirements are met, although France has expressed its intention to be a pioneer in its use and to prepare it.