Sarah Flashing

Sarah Flashing, M.A.

Sarah serves as Director of Ethics & Public Policy at Solid Reasons. For many years, she has taught ethics and Christian worldview in churches, conferences and in the classroom. She finds great joy in helping believers learn more about their faith and how to defend it in our culture now and into the future.

Sarah holds a Masters of Christian Thought degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2005) with a research emphasis in ethics and apologetics.  Her master’s thesis is “H. Tristram Engelhardt on Christianity in the Public Square: A Van Tilian Philosophical Critique.”

In 2006, Sarah testified before the Illinois State Legislature on the exploitation and health risks to women as a consequence of embryonic stem cell research and human cloning and has worked tirelessly to educate both church and culture on the ethical questions associated with reproductive ethics. She is the author of “Preparing Women to Walk Worthy of the Call: A Guide for Christian Women’s Leaders” and writes at Solid Reasons and at Additionally, she has written for organizations including First Things, The Gospel Coalition, and Christianity Today.

Sarah is married to George and they have three children. They live and work in Harvard, IL.

Speaking Topics for Special Events

Christian Worldview
Defending the Faith
Secularism: Faith & Culture
Dorothy Sayers
Bioethics/Prolife/Reproductive Technology
Women’s Ministry Leadership
Christian Ethics
Doctrinal & Scripture topics

Academic Training

M.A. Christian Thought, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2005
B.A. Christian Ministry, Trinity International University, 2002