Sarah Flashing is a gifted apologist and public intellectual with a wide breadth of expertise. Whether speaking on bioethics, worldviews, or women’s ministries, she provides a perspective that needs to be heard both in the church and in the public square.

Joe Carter
Web Editor,
First Things

Sarah Flashing is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. I’m glad she’s on the side of the truth. I’d hate to meet her in a logical dark alley.

C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D.,
Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy
Union University

Sarah speaks knowledgably and persuasively on bioethics from a theological perspective and helps her audience understand that abortion is just one of many bioethics issues. She also admonishes her audience to speak on bioethics or any other topic from a Christian worldview, not allowing God to be banished from the discussion.

Jill Stanek
Right to Life, Will Co., Illinois

Having worked closely with Sarah on bioethics issues, I know that she excels at breaking an argument down and examining each element for consistency, logic, and correspondence to reality (or what used to be called truth).

Matthew Eppinette, MBA, MA

Sarah is a refreshing face in the world of women’s ministries today! She has a passionate vision for growing women up in their faith coupled with her educational background and communication skills to do her part in bringing that vision to reality.

Pam Gillaspie, BA
Author of Ablaze: Igniting Spiritual Passion for Life through
Reading God’s Word
Co-Founder Deep&Wide Ministries