Green certificate in the European Union

Many countries consider the creation of a kind of health passport essential for the reopening of tourism next summer. The idea is that this vaccination certificate will allow European citizens who have been immunised against covid-19 with vaccines authorised by the European Medicines Agency to move freely within the European Union. Digital green certificate: its specifics Despite the […]

Alzheimer's disease: causes and treatment

Alzheimer's disease is an incurable disease that manifests itself in cognitive and memory changes as well as behavioural disorders, such as depression and hallucinations. It is a disease that generally affects older people. Find out more about the causes of this disease as well as our tips for its treatment. Main Causes Alzheimer's disease is a disease that […]

Techniques to know before you start investing in the stock market

Do you already know the fundamentals of the stock market, but haven't yet worked up the courage to start investing? Perhaps we still need to understand how to do this in practice. You check out what needs to be done to get started applications and which strategies are most suitable for each investor. Equity Investment Strategies There is […]

New generation of Samsung TVs

Samsung is introducing a new generation of TVs, with more technology and innovation. The South Korean brand launched the Neo QLed, Micro-Led and Lifestyle lines at the 9th edition of First Look, an event promoted by the company. Find out here some features of its new technologies. Samsung Micro-LED Samsung presented at the 9th edition of First Look […]

Ecological tourism: you are connected with nature

Through travel, you get to know new cultures, customs and learn to develop new languages. In an era marked by an increase in our concern for the environment, there is a leading tourism modality. We are talking about ecotourism - also known as ecotourism. What Is Ecotourism Ecotourism is a practice that values the good use of environments […]